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Hungarian Cup: Third Round and Second Round Recap

The Hungarian Cup is back this week and we are getting closer to the end of the tournament. The teams have now been split up into two groups; a 1-8 group and a 9-16 group. Games started back up on Thursday and will continue through Sunday, then teams will get two days off before the start of the semi-finals and finals on Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

Hungarian Cup Third Round:

My team will continue the Hungarian Cup in the 9-16 group, playing the rest of our games in Budapest. To see the results from the second round, checkout the recap bellow.

Each team will play three games this weekend. The points earned from the games will go towards each teams ranking within their group and determine which classification game they will play in during the fourth and final round. We will play our third round games on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning we will play against our nearby rival Pécs and then we will return in the evening to face Szentes. On Sunday we will close off the third round by getting a rematch against UVSE. If you recall we lost to UVSE in the first round 13-10 and we are eager for this rematch!

Our schedule follows with table for our group:

Saturday, August 8

PVSK-Mecsek Füszért - Kaposvár VK, 11:30 am CET, 2:30 am PT

Metalcom-Szentes - Kaposvár VK, 5:30 pm CET, 8:30 am PT

Sunday, August 9:

UVSE - Kaposvár VK, 12:30 pm CET, 3:30 am PT

9-16 Group Table

1. PVSK-Mecsek Füszért 3 points (+6)

2. Szeged VE 3 points (+4)

3. UVSE-Hunguest Hotels 3 points (+4)

4 Metalcom-Szentes 3 points (+3)

5. KSI SE 0 points (-3)

6. Kaposvár VK 0 points (-4)

7. Debrecen VSE 0 points (-4)

8. Tatabánya VSE 0 points (-6)

Live Stream Info

Currently I don't know what the Live Stream situation is but I will edit this post if I learn more, otherwise information and scores can be found on the Hungarian Water Polo Federation Website (English)

Second Round Recap:

Last weekend we achieved our first win against Miskolc, but lost against the home side Szeged and the strong force of Vasas. This left us last in our group with four points so we will continue the tournament in the 9-16 group. Last weekends games were important because it gave us a feel of playing in an away environment.

Our first game was a 14-10 loss on Saturday to the home team Szeged, it showed us that playing on the road will be difficult, but during the championship we will need to be tougher on the road, as it will be critical to get away wins.

Next, on Sunday morning we played Miskolc and we finally got our first win (10-8) of the tournament! It was not only important for us to show other teams that we could win but also to prove to ourselves that we can win against strong teams this year.

Finally our last game of the second round was Sunday afternoon against Vasas. Vasas showed that they will be a quality team this year as they went up big on us early in the match and it ended in a 17-7 loss. As with our loss to Szolnok, this game can help us find our biggest weaknesses and can only help us improve.

Here is a summary of our games from the second round of the Hungarian Cup:

Szegedi –Kaposvári 14:10 (4:4, 4:1, 1:3, 5:2)

Szeged: Cs. Kiss 4, Boros 2, Somlai 2, Palotas 2, Zs. Horvath 2, Gy. Toth 1, K. Farkas 1. Kaposvar: Mijic 3, Berta 2, Vindisch 2, Kakstedter 1, Juhasz-Szelei 1, Vekony 1.

Kaposvar – Miskolc 10:8 (4:2, 5:2, 0:2, 1:2)

Kaposvar: Vindisch 4, Berta 4, Juhasz-Szelei 1, O. Kovacs 1. Miskolc: Magyar 2, Fried 2, Hornyak 1, Berki 1, A. Lukacs 1, Seman 1.


Vasas – Kaposvar 17:7 (7:0, 4:2, 4:2, 2:3)

Vasas: Randjelovic 4, B. Batori 3, B. Bobis 3, Korbacs 2, V. Vadovics 2, Swlley-Rauscher 1, Szatmari 1, H. Simon 1. Kaposvar: Berta 2, Mijic 2, Vindisch 1, A. Horvath 1, Langiewicz 1.


Useful Links:

Hungarian Water Polo Federation Website (English): tv schedule, live streams, scoreboard, and Hungarian water polo news

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