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Hungarian Cup: Weekend Two

After a short week the Hungarian Cup resumes this weekend! Last weekend we earned one point at home in a draw against BVSC and we fell to UVSE and Szolnok. This week we are eager to earn more points as we go on the road to play three games in Szeged.

Weekend two of the Hungarian Cup consists of 4 groups based on the points earned from last weekend. Each team will keep the points they have earned thus far and have three more games to gain new points. After this weekend the teams will be split into a top and bottom eight based on the points accumulated from the first two weekends.

Our group will be playing in Szeged and includes: Vasas (9 Points), Miskolc (4 Points), Szeged (3 Points), Kaposvár (1 Point). We will play our first game on Saturday against the home side Szeged, and it will be televised on M4 Sport. We are excited to have our first televised game and hope to make it an entertaining match for all those watching. On Sunday we will play our remaining two games agains Miskolc in the morning and Vasas in the afternoon, both matches will be live streamed on the Hungarian Water Polo Federation website.

Our Schedule Follows:

Saturday, August 1

Szeged-Kaposvár, 6:15 pm CET, 9:15 am PT, Live on M4 Sport

Sunday, August 2

Kaposvár-Miskolc, 11:30 am CET, 2:30 am PT, Live on MVLSZ

Vasas-Kaposvár, 4:00 pm CET, 7:00 am PT, Live on MVLSZ

Useful Links:

Hungarian Water Polo Federation Website (English): tv schedule, live streams, scoreboard, and Hungarian water polo news

Total Water Polo's Coverage on Hungarian Water Polo: English news source for European water polo

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