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Hungarian Cup Postponed; Championship Begins This Weekend

Hungarian Cup Postponed

The third round of the Hungarian Cup ended on Sunday, August 9th and the final round began on the morning of Wednesday, August 12th. We played our game in the morning against Tatabánya and we came away with the win. If all went as planned we were to play for 13th place the next morning. Unfortunately, that afternoon, FTC had announced that four of their players had tested positive for COVID-19. The Hungarian Water Polo Federation made the difficult decision to postpone the tournament, as all the teams had been playing in the same location and many teams had directly faced FTC.

After the announcement, all the teams returned home, and everyone was tested for the coronavirus. Luckily, most team results came back negative, including my teams’ tests. We were disappointed that the tournament had to stop, but we were able to resume training and begin preparations for the start of the championship.

The Hungarian Water Polo Federation has since announced that the Hungarian Cup tournament will have its final games played between September 9th and 20th.

The Start of the Hungarian Championship

After it was announced that the Hungarian Cup was postponed, the Hungarian Water Polo Federation decided to start the championship as planned on August 29th, with the exception of two games, due to positive COVID-19 tests.

We will start the championship facing Szolnok at their home pool on Saturday, August 29th at 4pm. We have already played Szolnok in the Hungarian Cup, which resulted in a difficult 22 to 4 loss. Szolnok looks to be a high-quality team this year with notable players like Victor Nagy and Filip Filipovic. They were also part of the top 4 teams in the Hungarian Cup before it was postponed. The game will be difficult match for us, but it will be great experience and we hope to show our strength and persistence against such a strong team.

We play Szolnok at 4:00 PM CET, 7:00 AM PT Live Stats

All home games will be live streamed by my team, but for away games it will depend on the host team. Thus far it appears that Szolnok will not live stream this game. Live stats will be available for all games on the Hungarian Water Polo Federation Website.

Hungarian Cup Round 3 and 4 Recap

During the Cup we had our ups and downs, we beat some difficult opponents, but we also lost some ‘must win’ games. We have gained confidence from the games we won, but our losses also showed that the league is very competitive throughout. During the championship we must play our best against every opponent because there will not be many "easy" wins in this league.

In the cup, we started Round 3 on Saturday, August 8th with a 9-11 loss to Pécs, but came back the same day and beat Szentes 14-12. We next played UVSE on Sunday, August 9th and lost 7-11. On Wednesday (date?) we played the last game before the Cup was postponed and we beat Tatabánya 11-8.

Here is a Summary of all the Games:

Saturday, August 8th:

PVSK – Kaposvar 11:9 (4:4, 1:3, 3:0, 3:2)

PVSK: M. Csaba 3, Solyom 3, Kolozsi 2, Rakonjac 2, Csorba 1. Kaposvar: Berta 3, Juhasz-Szelei 3, G. Toth 1, Mijic 1, Jajcinovic 1.

Szentes – Kaposvar 12:14 (2:0, 3:6, 3:3, 4:5)

Szentes: Garancsy 2, B. Somogyi 2, B. Fulop 2, K. Pellei 2, J. Takacs 1, Matyok 1, Lajko 1, F. Pellei 1. Kaposvar: Mijic 4, Juhasz-Szelei 3, A. Horvath 2, Langiewicz 2, J. Berta 1, O. Kovacs 1, Vekony 1.


Sunday, August 9th:

UVSE-Kaposvar 11:7 (3:2, 3:0, 3:2, 2:3)

UVSE: E. Molnar 5, Bencz 3, Borzsei 1, Szieben 1, Belenyesi 1. Kaposvar: Juhasz-Szelei 2, A. Toth 2, J. Berta 1, Vekony 1, Vadocz 1.


Wednesday, August 12th:

Kaposvar-Tatabanya 11:8 (3:1, 3:4, 1:1, 4:2)

Kaposvar: J. Berta 3, A. Horváth 3, Mijic 3, Juhász-Szelei 1, Langiewicz 1. Tatabanya: Szoke Benedek 3, Keresztúri 2, Vad 1, Korban 1, Mladoniczky 1.


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